The Shell Eco-marathon

The brightest minds in engineering get their start in student engineering challenges.  Horizon supports these efforts at all levels, from the high school H2AC races in the US and Europe to the Shell Eco-marathon races around the world.

Back in 1939, Shell employees in the US made a bet on who could travel farther on the same amount of fuel.  Today, teams from high schools and universities around the world design and build their own cars to compete on multiple continents in the Shell Eco-marathon.  They rely on a variety of fuels: there are ultra high-efficiency gasoline engines, as well as electric, and fuel cell-powered vehicles.

The Prototype category in the competition focuses solely on fuel efficiency, while the UrbanConcept category features more practical designs.  Cars are also grouped by their propulsion systems, with liquid fuels such as ethanol, natural gas, and diesel or renewables such as lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

Horizon has provided fuel cells for the hydrogen-powered cars of the Eco-marathon and has recently been very successful, winning in Europe and North America.  As long as there are new young minds eager to improve the capabilities of our transportation technology, Horizon will continue to innovate, creating lighter, more powerful, and more efficient fuel cells to provide the best possible power supply for Eco-marathon teams.

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