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Testing your solution against other students from your area and around the world is a fun and exciting way to build the skills for next-gen technical careers. 


Competition brings motivation. 


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The H2 Grand Prix PRO is an RC car race competition that uses competitive engineering and design strategies to explore hybrid hydrogen fuel cell technology.


H2GP PRO allows students to customize their RC hydrogen car for greater efficiency and performance, and competitive racing is the final stage. This program allows high school students to acquire skills by developing a custom-built car from the concept and design stages through prototyping, manufacturing, experimentation and optimization. 

These students work collaboratively, not just under the supervision of their respective faculty advisors, but also alongside engineering undergraduates from local universities who provide expertise and guidance. Additionally, leading industry professionals provide access to high-tech tools, enabling students to develop career-relevant skills over the course of this program. 

H2GP PRO 2022/2023 World Final