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H2 Grand Prix PRO is a STEAM-based educational program for high school students where they design, construct and race hydrogen-powered RC cars. The program builds STEAM skills through theoretical understanding as well as hands-on learning. H2 Grand Prix PRO is based on three pillars: professional tools, a distinctive learning experience and fun races. The time for hydrogen education is NOW! For more information and to sign up, click on Program Overview below.  






STEAM-based equipment provide unique opportunities to learn about sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels. A variety of experiments and teaching materials turn understanding into hands-on learning. 

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Over the course of our program, students work collaboratively bringing their car from the design stages through prototyping and manufacture, working with chemistry, physics, engineering, and mathematics along the way. 

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From the earliest conceptual stages to maintaining and repairing their car during a race, students take the lead at every stage. This allows for a truly immersive learning experience that reflects real-world science and engineering projects.

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