Summer Does Not Slow Hydrogen Education down

With temperatures at 100 degrees up and down the Central Valley, people cramming into the Tahoe region, and bright green rice fields it can mean only one thing: summertime in California!

However, that is not stopping the Edison High School ASE Racersfrom sending out the hydrogen and fuel cell vibes. In fact, most of the ASE Racers have been busy since before the beginning of this year, and recently some of them took a H2GP car or two andvisited students at Courreges Elementary School in Fountain Valley, California. (Fountain Valley, California also happens to be home to Hyundai USA’s proving track for its vehicles.)

The ASE Racers allowed the elementary students to not only see and touch world-class FCEVs, but the students also were given a picture of future careers and possibilities to help inspire them. The visit also included giving the elementary students some pointers on engineering practices, and, of course, the students were given the 411 on hydrogen fuel cells. While the elementary students were extremely thrilled to be given a world-class introduction to hydrogen and fuel cells, the teachers also thoroughly enjoyed the visit and are in discussion with the ASE Racers on how to integrate hydrogen fuel cells into the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.Please go ahead and check out the pictures of the visit, and keep using hydrogen and fuel cells to take things to the next level.

ASE Racers_2
ASE Racers_3
ASE Racers_1
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