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How will you shape the future? 

Horizon Educational has developed special STEAM-based equipment that introduces middle school students to basic science and engineering principles while giving them an awareness of sustainability and the global renewable energy transition.

The H2GP Sprint Car includes everything students need to create their own hydrogen before using it to power their lightning-fast, 1:20 scale SPRINT car. Once your students familiarize themselves with the technology, encourage them to build their own car from scratch and then use the Fuel Cell and motor to power it. 

The H2GP SPRINT Car can be purchased as a Classroom Pack that includes 6 kits for up to 24 students or separately as a single package. 

Developed to help students harness the power of hydrogen. 

12-24 STUDENTS SPRINT Classroom Equipment

H2GP SPRINT Classroom Pack - 6x H2GP SPRINT car (RESK-03)

The H2GP SPRINT classroom pack is your complete classroom solution, allowing up to 24 students to dive into the thrilling world of hydrogen racing.  Six fuel-cell electric SPRINT cars encourage students to work in teams, designing the fastest car possible capable of  outcompeting their peers.  The classroom pack comes with a comprehensive curriculum, giving students an understanding of not only hydrogen fundamentals, but also climate change, historical and cultural connections, and fuel cell electrical systems.

Bring hydrogen racing to any location you can imagine. 

H2GP SPRINT Practice Track (RESK-03-PT)

Our lightweight, on-demand 10m practice track allows you to race Sprint cars virtually anywhere – a school gym, a classroom tabletop or even down the hallway. 

The track is made from durable and flexible materials, meaning it’s built to withstand anything kids put it through. To bring hydrogen racing to any location imaginable, simply roll up the track for a quick, easy storage and transport solution. 

Please note that the track must be ordered separately.

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Available as an add-on, the H2GP SPRINT REFUELLING BUNDLE includes a Hydrofill along with 2 Hydrostiks and 2 Pressure Regulators for a special bundle price.

Horizon’s Hydrofill system allows students to explore the wonders of electrolysis by creating up to 10L of hydrogen at a time and channeling it into the thumb-sized Hydrostik. 

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With Hydrofill and Hydrostik, you get liters of hydrogen available on demand, accelerating the pace of H2GP Sprint races and offering students a completely seamless learning experience

BUY H2GP Sprint Refuelling Bundle
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Available now as a limited offer, the H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle includes 2 x H2GP Sprint Classroom Packs (12 hydrogen cars), with 2 x Practice Tracks added on free of charge. This means 24-48 students can explore the exciting world of hydrogen racing with their own dedicated practice tracks.


Each individual H2GP Sprint Car Kit allows you to:


Harness Hydrogen Power:

Generate your own hydrogen with our portable electrolyzer, use this hydrogen in our PEM Fuel Cell to power the electric motor.  

DIY Science KIT

Build an FCEV Car

SPRINT’s custom-made, easy-to-assemble chassis means students can build their car in minutes. After they get the hang of it, they’re are encouraged to experiment with gear-to-wheel ratio, weight distribution or even begin creating their own designs using 3D modeling software. 

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