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"There is a long way to go from improving a small toy car design to improving the world, but this activity can become the crucial first step on the journey towards forming a better, cleaner future."


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The H2 Grand Prix XPR introduces elementary and middle school students to basic science and engineering principles together with sustainability and renewable energy awareness.

H2GP XPR allows students to design & build their own fuel cell-powered vehicles using recycled materials. Use any material that you find at home or in the classroom - paper roll, PET bottle, piece of plywood, etc. – and create your own custom-made chassis. Then mount a fuel cell and create your own fuel cell powered car.

Then organize your class competition in your school gym and compare the team’s unique solutions. Invite teams from other classrooms or from schools in your neighborhood.  


The best student teams are awarded in the following categories:


  • LONGEST RUN IN SINGLE HEAT – car that travels the furthest
  • ENGINEERING – best designed chassis
  • INNOVATION – use of new materials
  • CREATIVITY – out of box thinking
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