PEM Fuel Cell

PEM Fuel Cell

The Significance of the Fuel Cell

The fuel cell can play an important role as we change the way we meet our energy needs. It has a range of advantages:

1. It provides electricity in a more efficient manner than conventional power plants, which obtain electricity on a “detour” from chemically-produced heat energy through mechanical to electrical energy. The fuel cell, by contrast, creates electricity directly from chemical reaction

energy (by “cold” combustion). So it has a significantly greater degree of efficiency than conventional types of energy conversion (with the exception of gas turbine power plants).

2. The fuel, which is hydrogen or other gases, can be obtained from renewable energy sources.

3. It is clean, since instead of climate-harmful CO2, the only “waste” it releases is water vapor. Also, it is quiet.

4. Special fuel cells can be conveniently used in the cellar of a house as miniature off-grid residential heating and power units. In addition to electricity.


PEM Fuel Cell is offered by Horizon in two packages and two colours:

The PEM Fuel Cells offerend by Horizon are reversible. The Reversible PEM Fuel Cell combines the functions of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell into ONE device. What to know more? Click below: 

PEM Reversible Fuel Cell

PEM Blue Reversible Fuel Cell_FCSU-023B
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