On Earth Day many people like to give sage advice about how to be a better member of humanity like reducing water use, planting trees, and using reusable shopping bags.

However, to make Earth Day a little more fun and/or to have a much longer lasting impact this year, Horizon Educational has some thoughts about some additional actions that can be taken to be a greener member of humanity.


Buy a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)

Hyundai’s Nexo and Toyota’s Mirai are two FCEVs that can be bought in many parts of the world like California, British Columbia, and Germany.  Driving an FCEV to work or to the grocery store not only produces less carbon dioxide than huffing and puffing along on a bicycle, but they also only produce water vapor for their emission.  With a refuel time of about five minutes and a range of about 400 miles they make the switch to zero emission driving a proverbial piece of cake.




Support hydrogen education

Not wanting to buy a FCEV right now but still want to have a major positive impact?  Then support Horizon Educational’s H2GP program!  The H2GP program is a semester long adventure for high school students where they get to learn about renewable energy, and then students in the program form teams, build remote controlled FCEVs, and put them through a series of endurance races.  The best teams from around the world compete each year in the H2GP World Finals!  For more information on the initiative click here, or petition your local high school to participate in the program. The H2GP series helps young people to develop 21st century job skills that are essential to careers in many fields including the high-tech sector.


Buy a FCEV kit from Horizon Educational and put it together as part of a fun educational activity!  

We sell a number of car kits that are applicable to all ages K-12, and we highly encourage customization in order to make the car your own.  Please also check out the other educational kits we offer in order to create other fun projects for your classroom!

Please feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to show off any FCEVs you and your students build or any other fun creations you put together using our store!
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