Hydrogen Racing Comes to Singapore

On the 3rd of May 2023 Horizon Educational demonstrated hydrogen racing technology to leaders from across government, education and industry in Singapore.

Our Singapore Ambassador David S. Wu joined Horizon Educational’s Kamil Jelinek (CEO of Horizon Educational) and Ales Rakovsky (Director of APAC) in showing off the incredible technology behind Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) race cars.

Student teams from schools in Singapore are already underway designing, building and racing their H2GP hydrogen-powered vehicles, learning the ins and outs of renewable energy engineering and design first-hand.

Mr. Jelinek commented on how the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix could contribute to the development of the region's renewable energy economy in the future:

“Singapore promises to be a global player in the future hydrogen economy, and we’re here to help train the next generation of Singaporean renewable energy innovators so they can be part of it’ said Mr. Jelinek. ‘While these students learn about renewable energy technology today, tomorrow they’ll be fuelling innovation – designing the fuel cells, solar panels and batteries that will power the APAC region for years to come’.

The first Singaporean H2GP teams will soon test their renewable energy engineering skills against the top teams from around the world at the H2GP World Final in Las Vegas, held in September.

Horizon Educational would like to thank all the leaders who made the day so special: Representatives from Chevron, Accenture, Keppel Corporation Limited, Singapore Ministry of Education, Science Centre Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic, and the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry all contributed to a successful event.

Learn more about the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix program at https://www.h2grandprix.com/

H2GP Singapore blog
H2GP Singapore blog
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