How Can I Teach Renewable Energy Subjects, Including Hydrogen Fuel Cells?


In the galaxy of subjects that teachers have to address today, it is often challenging to know which new subjects ought to be integrated into the classroom to better prepare students for life after school.  This is especially true with regard to a topic like electrification where it has many facets, and seemingly no clear path to allow for its deployment into school curriculums.

However, Horizon Educational is here to help!  We can do this because we have a cornucopia of science kits that help to instruct students about renewable energy, including solar panels and wind turbines.  Additionally, we also have a deep understanding of hydrogen fuel cells, which are essential to the advancement of electrification globally.

We do sell science kits such as the H-Racer 2.0 that enable students to experience and experiment with hydrogen fuel cell technology through easy-to-use applications, such as small fuel cell stacks and simple electrolysis setups.

Furthermore, we also offer teacher and student guides to help both groups as they begin and continue their journey into electrification.

Crucially, though, Horizon Educational’s H2GP program for high school students can not only build upon previous renewable energy knowledge students may have, but it enables them to take it to a workforce-ready level.  The H2GP program is a school year-long initiative in which teachers educate students about renewable energy subjects in the first half, and then in the second half of the year students break up into teams.  They then design and build remote controlled fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and finally they put their cars through a series of endurance races.  The best teams in the endurance races face-off each year at the H2GP World Cup.

Helping students build the vehicles is made easy for students and teachers through helpful YouTube instructional videos, which means that teachers new to hydrogen fuel cell technology can effectively guide their students through the H2GP program.

The initiative explains what hydrogen is, sources it can be extracted from, how it can be used to generate electricity, and the applications in which hydrogen fuel cells can be used to electrify the world’s economy.  Thus far fuel cells have been deployed in everything from remote controlled FCEVs all the way up to locomotives and apartment communities.

Even after just two years of participating in the program, students have a knowledge base and skillsets that enable them to enter careers with battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicle manufacturers as well as other advanced career paths.  In other words, with the inclusion of Horizon Educational products and programs into the classroom, teachers can easily teach a difficult subject like electrification and actually get students to a workforce-ready level by the time they graduate from high school.

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