H2GP Comes to Chile!


Horizon Education is excited to announce the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) has arrived in Chile. The South American nation will host a number of teams next academic year, and are sending a wild card team from the Liceo Industrial Domingo Matte Perez in Maipú to the Las Vegas H2GP World Final in September.


The expansion of H2GP in Chile was made possible by Horizon Educational’s partnership with Districalc, one of the largest distributors of STEM educational equipment in the region.


‘We’re thrilled to bring H2GP to the great nation of Chile through this unique partnership with Districalc, a world leader in STEM technology distribution’, said Max Accordino, Head of Business Development at Horizon Educational. ‘Kids from over 20 countries are already experiencing the delight of fast-paced hydrogen racing, and by bringing the program to Chile, we hope to begin the important work of building a future renewable energy workforce in one of the world’s fastest-growing regions’.

Swiss Final
H2GP PRO 2023 Czech Final16 .

‘Partnering with Horizon Education means bringing renewable energy STEAM educational opportunities to millions of potential students in South America’, said Camilo Wartenberg from Districalc. ‘Horizon Educational’s unique H2GP program is already active in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, and bringing the program to our countries has the potential to impact millions of lives’.


The H2GP program challenges students from over 20 countries to design, engineer, construct and eventually race 1:10 scale fuel cell electric cars powered exclusively by hydrogen. On this journey of renewable energy discovery, they utilize traditional STEM subjects like organic chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering – but also pick up employable soft skills like teamwork, creativity and project management.


About Horizon Educational: Founded in 2003, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies began the sale of miniature fuel cells to demonstrate the technology to schools and students around the world, while investing in R&D of more advanced products and industrial applications. In 2013, Horizon Educational Group was formed as an independent division dedicated to the deployment of a complete range of educational solutions. Horizon Educational develops, produces, and distributes hands-on teaching material and didactic equipment as well as online curricula and educational programs. With distributors in over 150 countries, the STEM kits and technical training equipment have an international reputation for quality, educational content, and award-winning design. Learn more at horizoneducational.com



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