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Horizon Educational has developed dedicated STEAM-based kits that — along with the four-month curriculum — is a unique set of tools for learning about renewable energy. Gaining understanding the fundamental basics of energy, and the science of hydrogen fuel cells, comes with successfully completing the challenges that students face in the H2 Grand Prix PRO program.

Here is an overview of the products students will utilize in H2 Grand Prix PRO.


Everything you need to get started with the H2GP PRO.

The H2GP PRO Starter Package is the bare minimum you'll need to master racing. It includes everything needed to race from day 1. The goal of the Starter kit is to introduce teams on the basics of the fuel cell and teach them how to drive properly. All the electronics needed for creating a functioning FCEV racing car are included in the Starter Package. Students learn by assembling the car and installing the electronics and the fuel cell. This car kit is durable, simple to assemble and inexpensive to repair

Remember that endurance is not the only category where you can win. There are other categories where you can dominate, such as car body design, innovation, or energy. Can you modify your car to deliver maximum performance? Go for it! Document your progress and focus on your presentation skills as your technical report presentation in front of the judges is one of the evaluated categories, too.

This package includes - H2GP PRO Starter Kit, H-CELL 2.0, Hydrofill BLACK, 14x Hydrostik BLACK

Of course, there’s more to renewable energy than hydrogen. For students interested in other forms of sustainability we also recommend purchasing the H2GP STARTER Competition SET - year 1 - extended by Horizon Energy Box to truly understand the importance and function multiple types of renewable energy.

H2GP STARTER Competition Set - YEAR 1

PRO Starter Package
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H2GP STARTER Competition SET - Extended

The H2GP STARTER Competition SET - year 1 - Extended provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid. Solar power, wind energy, kinetic energy from a hand-crank, and a demonstration of the incredible storage potential of a supercapacitor. There's a range of fuel cells to compare: the PEM hydrogen fuel cell, the salt water fuel cell, and the direct ethanol fuel cell. Countless experiments, so many scientific principles at work and plenty of space for creativity.

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But the lab equipment is just the beginning. We've built the Horizon Energy Curriculum to provide teachers with multiple resources for engaging their students.

Concepts covered

Biofuels, Electrochemistry, Electrolysis, Energy, Ethanol Reactions, Hydrogen Generation, Organic Chemistry, pH, Reaction Rates, Reaction Yield, Reactions, Redox Reactions, Semiconductors, Solution Concentrations,

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Angular velocity, Capacitors, Classical Mechanics, Current/Voltage, Efficiency, Electric Charge, Electric Circuits, Energy, Generators, Heat, Light, Ohm's Law, and more...

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Welcome back H2GP PRO racers!

Ready to take the next step to make your next season even better? There are two equipment packages to help you. 

If you’re comfortable with the Starter Kit and want to try something new in the next season, try the Renew Starter Package.

Want to take a bigger step forward? Upgrade to Advanced Package! The Advanced Package has been developed for teams who want a greater degree of freedom to build winning car. The RC car chassis and components have been selected to meet the quality and performance requirements of our top hydrogen endurance racers!

We also offer a variety of accessories to enhance the performance of your car. You'll find them in the accessories section, as well as standalone Hydrostiks and many more. 




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