Engaging Children through H2GP XPR Program

Getting kids interested in renewable energy is a core part of Horizon Educational’s mission. This is why we run workshops for primary school-aged children, introducing them to the fascinating world of renewable energy science through our H2GP XPR program.

What’s this program look like in action? We recently partnered with ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation to bring the fun and excitement of hydrogen-powered racing to children aged 6-12 in the Czech Republic.

ORLEN Unipetrol is leading the hydrogen revolution in the Czech Republic. As part of their opening of a new hydrogen refueling station in Litvinov and Prague, they sought to expand hydrogen awareness to children in local schools in the vicinity of this infrastructure.

ORLEN understand that investing in renewable energy infrastructure is one thing, but this must be accompanied by investing in people – the future renewable energy leaders who will operate this equipment and drive the world’s future clean energy innovations. 

XPR kids with hydrogen products
XPR kids with hydrogen products

After their longstanding cooperation supporting H2GP PRO teams throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ORLEN Unipetrol Foundation approached Horizon Educational to expand hydrogen education to students at the elementary school level through the H2GP XPR program.

Our H2GP Director Václav Bystrianský travelled out to Litvinov to provide children in the locality of ORLEN’s new hydrogen station with an introduction to all things hydrogen. Václav led a workshop where the local children learned how to create their very own green hydrogen through electrolysis, before using this hydrogen to power a table-top fuel cell electric car.

The students were not only introduced to the fascinating world of hydrogen production and use, but they learned to explore their own unique sense of creativity in assembling the H2GP XPR car using recycled materials. 

“With our H2GP XPR program, the students will have a unique hands-on experience that even most of the adults never experience,” said Vaclav. “We put a bigger emphasis on the learning experience that students get rather than the actual speed of the hydrogen car. During the workshop, we guide the students through the big picture and help them to ask the right questions. All this combined will hopefully give them a reason to fall in love with science and exploring.”

Interested in providing this experience for students too? Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can inspire a future workforce near you.

XPR kids with hydrogen products
XPR kids with hydrogen products
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