California's Young Innovators Build Hydrogen Cars

One of Horizon Educational’s goals is to get kids excited about renewable energy. That's why we created the H2GP XPR program, which engages elementary school-aged children through a fun and exciting workshop aimed at allowing students to build their very first hydrogen-powered car using a real-life fuel cell.

Over the past two years, we’ve teamed up with Hyundai North America to bring the H2GP XPR program to kids aged 6-12 in California and Georgia. This year we’ve reached over 600 students from underserved communities and Title 1 schools in the United States, and we’ve actively recruiting for the next academic year.

Last week Nicola Weiss, Horizon Educational’s US Program Coordinator, put our mission into action – leading an H2GP XPR workshop at the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, California.

The STEAM education workshop centred on teaching local elementary school students how to create green hydrogen themselves through electrolysis, before using it to power their very own table-top fuel cell electric car. Not only were these students introduced to the world of hydrogen production and use, but they also got to let their creativity flow by building the fuel cell-powered car using recycled materials.

‘What this does is give an opportunity for younger generations to learn about the technology, gain an interest in it, and possibly become interested in careers in sustainable energy’, said Derek Joyce, Senior Manager of Product Public Relations at Hyundai Motor North America.

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