Results of the H2GP Swiss Final

On the 6th of May 2023, the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) returned to Switzerland for another year of action-packed hydrogen racing.

Over 20 school teams from across Switzerland put their renewable energy engineering skills to the test over a 6-hour ‘endurance race’ for a chance to make it to the H2GP World Final in Las Vegas.  

Over the six-month Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix Educational program, teams were challenged to design, engineer, build and race fuel cell electric cars powered exclusively by hydrogen.  This process instilled traditional science and engineering skills in our Swiss students, but it also promoted critical thinking, teamwork and project management abilities.

We’d like to congratulate EPAI GIBS and LIEBHERR teams who emerged victorious and are now getting ready for the World Final.

The Design Award – given to the team whose creativity and innovation drive them to create the best-looking car body, often using computer-aided design – was awarded to team ‘HOTAKU’.

The Innovation Award – awarded to the team whose modifications or innovative features are found by the jury to be the most advanced – was taken home by team ‘COLT 1’

Team ‘COMA 2’ was awarded the ‘Pit Stop’ award – given to the group of students who work best in a team to get their car back on track as fast as possible.

Pos. Team Name Rnd.
1 Epai Gibs 1066
2 Liebherr . 992
3 EMF 2 848
4 Groupee Talents Academy 847
5 Cfpteam Electro-Horologerie 754
6 Cfpteam Mecatronique 623
7 Coma 2 558
8 Preapp CPNV 540
9 Coma . 523
10 Starrag Vuadens SA 503
11 COGLâNE 4 499
12 COLT 2 482
13 Hotaku 440
14 Comet . 385
15 EMF 3 363
16 EMF 1 335
17 COLT 1 312
18 Team GESA 137
19 SAM Racing 75
20 MIF 2 10
21 MIF 1 0
Swiss Final
Swiss Final
Swiss Final
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