Northern California Team Compete in H2GP Qualifier

Teams from across Northern California have taken part in their H2 Grand Prix California State Qualifier, presented by Toyota Mirai. Five teams made it through to the State Final on April 22nd 2023. Well done to the following teams:

‘Independence HS 2’   ‘Arroyo 2’   ‘Independence HS 1’   ‘Arroyo 1’   ‘Arroyo 4’

Racers used a variety of STEAM skills to assemble their hydrogen-powered cars before putting them to the test against teams from across the region. Without our sponsors, Toyota Mirai and Raven SR, this renewable energy race would not have been possible.

We’d like to give a special mention to the two teams Raven SR sponsored from Benicia High School – we’re thrilled at their performance. For first-time teams they outperformed, and with a little more driving practice and some fuel-cell hacking, they have the potential to move up the rankings.

Full results can be found below:


Independence HS 2 322 QUALIFIED Laguna Creek A 150
Arroyo 1 314 QUALIFIED Benicia Panthers 112
Arroyo 2 309 QUALIFIED Irvington McQueen 75
Arroyo 4 293 QUALIFIED Florin FreeRange Panthers 57
Independence HS 1 276 QUALIFIED Supernova (SVCTE) 48
Heritage STEAM 231   Laguna Creek 1 48
Arroyo 3 231   Anklebiters 53
Mira Loma 190   Irvington Girls in STEM 41
Benicia Auto 185   Irvington Bunnes 32
Florin PanThors 184      


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