Blue Ridge Power to Sponsor the H2GP World Final


Horizon Educational is excited to announce Blue Ridge Power has agreed to sponsor the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) World Final in Las Vegas, scheduled for September 11th -14th 2023. Blue Ridge Power is a leading player in utility-scale solar construction, generating renewable energy and creating a more sustainable world for the next generation.

 “We’re happy to welcome Blue Ridge Power to the H2GP World Final in September”, said Max Accordino, Head of Business Development at Horizon Educational. “Blue Ridge understands that global renewable energy production requires a future workforce with the skills, aptitude and confidence to innovate. We’re here to train these future renewable energy leaders and we’re excited to have Blue Ridge’s support”.

H2GP PRO 2023 Czech Final16 .
H2GP PRO 2023 Czech Final19 .

“Clean energy generation in all sectors—hydrogen, solar, wind, biofuels—is in high demand. Developing a qualified workforce to meet this need is a top priority for Blue Ridge Power. We’re thrilled to support Horizon Educational’s efforts as they prepare students to be part of America’s energy transformation,” said Chris Dunbar, CEO of Blue Ridge Power.

The thrilling hydrogen-powered race will take place at RE+, North America’s largest energy trade show and a gathering that occupies a central position in the renewable energy industry. Each year 27,000+ professionals from all segments of the industry gather to network and build meaningful connections. This year’s gathering promises to be the biggest yet, with visitors from over 150 countries exhibiting at over 1,000 displays.

The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) is a unique STEAM education program that challenges students aged 14-17 to build 1:10-scale RC cars powered exclusively by hydrogen. During this journey of hands-on discovery students gain hard STEM skills – such as electrical engineering, organic chemistry and mechanical engineering – while also picking up expertise in teamwork, creativity and project management. At the end of the program students are well-equipped for a variety of careers in the renewable energy sector.

Blue Ridge Power will take part in the H2GP Corporate Race on September 13th at the World Final. This race will see companies from around the world take part in a hydrogen-powered racing competition using 1:10 scale fuel cell electric vehicles in a demonstration of commitment to global renewable energy education. 

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